We focus on underperforming, undervalued assets where we can add value

Our Track Record

Since 2001, Hilltop’s team has collectively completed over $4 Billion in multi-family transactions. They have purchased over 100 properties and 25,000 apartment units in Texas and the southern United States.

Hilltop’s team has completed 50 ‘round trip’ transactions that have produced returns of over 16.5% to investors. Over 50% of those transactions were owned through the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. In comparison, the S&P 500 returned approximately 8.1% over like timeframes.

Our Investment Strategy

Hilltop’s goal is to provide superior risk adjusted returns to our investors by identifying and acquiring well-located, value-add multi-family opportunities that will produce cash flow and steady capital appreciation.

We believe that the continuing propensity to rent, rather than own, in U.S. markets will steadily increase rents over the long term producing consistently strong returns in the multi-family sector.

Hilltop invests in well located, 1990 and newer class A/A- institutional quality multi-family assets where there is opportunity to add value.

  • Hilltop invests in cities and neighborhoods where strong school districts and positive employment growth exist.
  • We believe that lower leverage will translate into lower risk and will stabilize investor returns over the long haul.
  • Hilltop will only buy assets that are below today’s replacement cost.
  • Hilltop buys assets that produce both cash flow and capital appreciation.
Key attributes to our investments

We use our extensive network of relationships to capitalize on off-market opportunities, which reduces competition and cost-basis of assets.

  • Since 2001, 70% of the transactions completed by the Hilltop team have been “Off-Market Deals” by leveraging relationships with brokers, mortgage brokers, lenders, owners, management firms, and developers.
  • The combined experience of Hilltop includes acquisition, financing, management, renovation, construction and disposition.
  • Hilltop aggressively and proactively manages its assets to perform at peak levels.
  • Hilltop’s team has been active and successful in multi-family through multiple cycles.
How Hilltop Residential Adds Value

Hilltop’s investment methodology and selection process result in carefully chosen investments that produce above market yield and capital appreciation.

  • Investors will invest shoulder-to-shoulder with Hilltop.
  • The Principals of Hilltop will contribute 3%-5% of the equity in every transaction.
  • Hilltop is incentivized on the back-end: when shareholders do well, we do well.
  • Hilltop is committed to a low and transparent fee structure that will maximize returns to investors.
  • Hilltop provides extensive and thorough quarterly reporting so investors can track their investments.
Investment Methodology